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Crit goes here. Comments are screened. Anon is on. IPs are logged but only because I don't know how to turn them off for just one post but I have no idea what to do with an IP address so consider them off too?

You can use this to crit Kanji and Joan as well, if you want!

...even though it wouldn't make sense since I don't play them any more.
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[having, mostly, avoided the mistletoe this month, Victor currently finds himself relaxing on the couch in mutant cabin, playing some NFL 2K5

Very obviously, the mutant kids need some new video games]
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Know what time it is? It's finals time! Hiatus until December 14th at the earliest.
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Victor is really close to 8000 comments since his reapp and it's been a while since I've done that, so let's have a Relationship Meme!
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[TODAY IN CAMP: an angry gay teenage mutant is looking for...well. an angry gay teenage mutant. fun times will be had, no doubt]
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I need to get back into the swing of Camp. To that end, let's do a QUESTION MEME! Ask, answer, ask, answer, etc. You know how it works!
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So, Dragon's Dogma has consumed me (everyone go play it it is amazing) and on top of that I am going to be really busy with real world things, so I'm gonna go ahead and call a hiatus for about a week or so.
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So, Julian asked me for a relationship meme in the CFO post. And I started writing it.

And then this happened )
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Hi okay so

this happened as part of the Phoenix plot.

So, from now on, both of Victor's arms will be large and spiky.

I will try to make mention of this in threads when applicable, but this is a permanent thing.
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May as well make this official like

School is ramping up and the end of the semester is almost upon us, which means projects, presentations, and papers are rearing their ugly head. So, I'll be taking a hiatus for a couple weeks until the end of the semester (which is...April 20-something. I really need to check my finals schedule)
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Kids and Heroes, a New X-Men Fanmix

Six Songs )

.zip of all songs
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For the network people like me: Chicken Soup post!
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FOLLOWING IN HOPE'S FOOTSTEPS, Victor's at about 5100, counting everything after his reapp, so let's do a question meme.

ASK A QUESTION, it can be anything CFUD related. OOC, IC, relationship/first impressions, psychology, thoughts, whatever. I.E. My character's opinion of your character (relationships and whatnot) or maybe what you have been wondering about this behavior or that, or general thoughts on my characters or canons, Hot or Not, You Should Jump Me, App My Canon, whatever you want to ask for. WHEN I REPLY, I will also ask you a question in turn!

Just Victor although I guess if you want to know things about Noel I can't stop you from asking.
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All right, this won't really be an essay, per se, because I am going to just sort of stream of consciousness it, but I figure I should at least do that much.

Seriously this is choppy and not well written )
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So yeah, this is a some ecard meme where you get your very own CUSTOMIZED some ecard!
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[new and old threads for the graveyard thread go here]
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[TODAY in mutant cabin there is a lizard kid in the common room.

judging from the fact that he has thrown off all the cushions on the couch, you may assume he is looking for something]
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