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[having, mostly, avoided the mistletoe this month, Victor currently finds himself relaxing on the couch in mutant cabin, playing some NFL 2K5

Very obviously, the mutant kids need some new video games]
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[TODAY IN CAMP: an angry gay teenage mutant is looking for...well. an angry gay teenage mutant. fun times will be had, no doubt]
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[new and old threads for the graveyard thread go here]
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[TODAY in mutant cabin there is a lizard kid in the common room.

judging from the fact that he has thrown off all the cushions on the couch, you may assume he is looking for something]
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[the sentinel is destroyed for now, and the baby mutants are safe from bad singing! clearly this calls for a celebration

which is why, currently, there is a lizard-teen setting an armful of bottles on the table]

Okay, I grabbed as much as I you think this is enough?
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((Forward dated to whenever they're no longer rule'd))

[Today in the Whoregon Trail room of the Love Hotel, there is a lizard-teen and a poorly dressed marquis. The lizard is putting a DVD into the DVD player]

You'll like this one a lot more than Carrie, don't worry.
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[rather late in the evening, Anole finds himself in the Love Hotel, knocking on David's door]
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[really doesn't know how to take that]

((from here))
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