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Kids and Heroes, a New X-Men Fanmix

01. Kids and Heroes
Hey, where have you gone?
You used to be the one
That we looked up to
Seemed like nothing
Could break you down
How high was your price?
Was it worth it?
Nothing in life is a sure bet anyway
You're gone
Guess you weren't here from the start

02. The Bird and the Worm
All alone he turns to stone
while holding his breath half to death
Terrified of whats inside
to save his life he crawls
like a worm from a bird
crawls like a worm from a bird

03. Pioneers
We promised the world we'd tame it
What were we hoping for?
We promised the world we'd tame it
What were we hoping for?

04. Mercy of the Fallen
There's the wind and the rain
And the mercy of the fallen
Who say they have no claim
To know what's right

There's the weak and the strong
And the beds that have no answers
And that's where I may rest my head tonight

05. Holy Roman
Come clean like you said you would
Make peace like i know you could
Heroes don't do any good
With tears in their eyes

Fight the good fight
Maintain the trend
Just look me in the eyes and say
The world's not gonna end

06. Whisper to a Scream
We are, we are, we are we're just children
Finding our way around indecision.
We are, we are, we are all but helpless
Take this forever,
Whisper to a scream.

.zip of all songs

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