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All right, this won't really be an essay, per se, because I am going to just sort of stream of consciousness it, but I figure I should at least do that much.

Victor Out of Camp

So, as you probably know by now, lots of bad things happen to the mutant kids, and the adults don't really care. Because of this, they've all become a little codependent. Victor has taken it upon himself to be a rock of sorts for his friends, especially since I am pretty sure he is the only former squad leader not dead (most of them), depowered (the rest), or completely fucked up (Julian). The problem with this, obviously, is that Victor isn't exactly well adjusted to things himself. The end result is that, except for when things get really bad and someone close to him dies, Victor doesn't really let himself think about the things that have gone on beyond "be strong for friends they need someone." And it mostly works! Victor is everyone's friend, and lots of people rely on him for things, which in turn, helps him focus on them instead of himself. Which brings us to...

Victor In Camp

Most of the mutants in Camp are from before the end of New X-Men so...they...don't really need someone, at least not as much as before. The ones that are from Utopia (or after) are Julian, Alani, and Santo. Alani and Santo never really needed him in the same way as the others, thanks to being very "live in the moment" sorts and Julian is Julian so there's that too. Suddenly, his role shifts. He doesn't need to be strong and unshakable because they need him because of all the horrible things that have happened to them; he needs to be strong and unshakable because they don't need him because all of the horrible things haven't happened to them yet. His need to be strong and unshakable is doubled in Camp, in fact, because he has to keep that front up for his Camp friends, too. Especially the adult ones. Because he has been conditioned to believe that adults just genuinely do not care about him or his life and so will just tell him to suck it up and get over it if something is wrong. To that end, Camp is determined to do horrible things to Victor and the rest of the X-Kids on a regular basis, thus slowly shattering Victor's facade. Camp Fuck U Die, the only place worse than Marvel. It is slowly working, and I am sure that soon Victor will be copying Julian and staying in his room all the time and avoiding everyone.

At least Victor doesn't need to shave.

Victor's Horrible Love Life

Haha, okay let's be real this is why like 99% of you clicked this. ...okay and like 90% of the reason I wrote this.

Okay let's get this out of the way first: Victor, actually, does not like like Julian Keller.

He will admit (not readily, but he will) that he really, really, really enjoyed that second mistletoe kiss, when Julian topped, but that is about 90% because Victor finally got to just sort of let go of control for the first time in ages, and that feels really good. If pressed, he may admit depending on who you are that Julian is a good kisser, and that he wouldn't mind letting it happen again, but he will qualify that with a "not that it will" and a "not that I'm going to try" and a "Julian's, like, 100% straight anyway."

He's only two-thirds telling the truth there. Victor totally does not believe that Julian is completely 100% straight. Not because of the kiss itself, because the mistletoe caused that much, and he's willing to believe Julian got caught up in the fact that there was non-violent physical contact going on for a change. And not because of the...ahem, physical reaction, because Victor is willing to believe that was strictly a physical reaction. No, what gets Victor is the fact that, that second kiss, there was, quote, "some creative use of telekinesis" going on, and Victor knows that Julian needs to concentrate for his TK, especially when there's creativity going on, so he believes that Julian knew exactly who he was kissing and kept escalating it anyway.

But! That doesn't change the first two statements of "it won't happen again" and "I'm not going to try to get it to happen again" which are completely true (well, okay, it's totally going to happen again because Ronan and I are shameless, but Victor doesn't know that!). The fact that Camp decided to publish a photo album of that kiss and then broadcast the fact that he really enjoyed it (but not why! It was that "letting go of control" thing) to the Network makes those two statements even more true in Victor's head.


With the possible exception of holing himself in his room (which he may do for a bit after this Awkward Post fiasco) or letting Julian top him, Victor is going to keep on trucking and trying to act like he ain't even bovvered.
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I'm going to have to write that essay now and it's ALL YOUR FAULT.


And Victor's tongue.

Come to think of it, why don't we have a someecard to that effect yet?
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Well, yes, but not the point!

And yes, this is true. but now everything is Victor's tongue's fault. Everything.
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They can share.
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Only if you make out with him first.
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My work is done.

Pity everyone in this cafe is wondering why I just cracked up laughing, but whatever. I do what I want!
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I'm judging everyone here of working age for calling in sick the day after a public holiday so it is a cornucopia of judging.
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Lol not in this suburb. We're river front and like a mile out from the central business district.