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I am: Scott ([ profile] scootermcgaffin)

I Play:
Victor Borkowski | [ profile] skinofalizard | Marvel 616

I Used to Play:
Iori Junpei | [ profile] ineedbothhands | Persona 3
Donna Noble | [ profile] a_noble_temp | Doctor Who
Joan Girardi | [ profile] itsmejoan | Joan of Arcadia
Tatsumi Kanji | [ profile] renovateyourass | Persona 4
Maya Schroedinger | [ profile] cosplaygiarism | Wild ARMs 3
Cat Valentine | [ profile] tasteslikehair | Victorious

Contact: scootermcgaffin at gmail is the best way! I'm on IRC a lot, usually as Kanji or Anole, and all of my characters past and present except Junpei ping me, but I usually don't have sound active so I miss them a lot of the time, so if it's SUPER IMPORTANT, e-mail or PM is best!

EMERGENCY Contact: SOME PEEPS HAVE MY CELL? Pell and Rose are probably the ones I text the most so I know they have it for sure and I think Devit, Naoto, Marisa, etc have it too.

Availability: Evenings and weekends, mostly. Though I can be around Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons, too.

Timezone/Language: EST/English.

The Playing Experience: I try to be a fast player! I love posting, and usually try to be around 3-5+ hours when I post. I DON'T MIND POSTRAPE if you don't mind slightly slower tags! Other than that, I am a huge jumper. And I love threading with people! ASK DEVIT AND CAPELL I BUG PEOPLE FOR THREADS CONSTANTLY. Feel free to tell me to STFU if you're not up for it, I promise I won't be offended.

Goals: STOP DROPPING THREADS. I am so bad with this. I am trying but the last few weeks being horrible have not helped this goal.

Betaing: FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a terrible beta. I want to help you get into Camp! I better at moral support than actually being constructive on an app 99% of the time. Every once in a while I'll be able to really help direct the app, but overall I am best as a "this is the final draft what do you think" type of beta.

AUs: UH...WE CAN TRY? I have found that I tend to giggle and blush uncontrollably like a twelve year old during sex AUs, but I guess post-camp AUs could be okay too?

Pimping: I will pimp you anything that I currently am in love with. You can try to do the same, but I warn you that it rarely sticks :(

Other: If I have dropped a thread with you, I can promise that it is NOT because you bore me or the thread bored me or I can't think of anything to say or whatever. It is because I am a giant ball of fail. FEEL FREE to poke me if I don't pick it up, and I will do so! I WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU ALL!

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