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Victor Borkowski ([personal profile] skinofalizard) wrote2011-10-15 09:43 pm
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OKAY I 100% promise to actually go through the love meme and tell you all this one-by-one, but a three chapter quiz on Monday that I haven't...actually...studied for plus the flu equals haha I don't even technically have time to write this. BUT:

YOU ARE ALL AWESOME. No matter how much or how little we thread, you should know that I think you are great. It has been proven that I am incapable of quitting this game and let's be real here, you people are the reason for that. Camp is what it is because of all of you and I couldn't be happier about it.

♥ for all

OKAY now I disappear for the rest of the weekend to study and drink honey tea and I will return anew to personalize my love.

AN EDIT THANKS TO KURT: Commenting here does not get you an additional personalized love meme comment, but this post will now double as a someecard meme so there's that at least.

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